BudapestCraft – City building in MineCraft (in English)

19 900 Ft

MineCraft city explorer and builder workshop which is suited for children aged 7 to 14 years.

During our workshop, on the very spot, engineers and architects are going to familiarize the operation of the most exciting facilities in Budapest. After then, based on the experience, with the help of MineCraft, the children, grouping together, are going to build the Budapest of their own in cooperation with each other.


This year’s newbie that during the four months, hand in hand with the engineers of the Contemporary Architectural Center, we are going to attend to the rehabilitation of the giant factory of Csepel Works. Besides, with Theseus, we are likewise going to build an adventure course from the Western Railway Station.

During the workshop, children will able to learn to work in teams, acquire basic knowledge of programming and cognize the entire operation of Budapest through our already-built MineCraft institutes.

IMPORTANT! This workshop will be held in English, so we welcome you all from over the world. If you are still feeling insecure about your English knowledge, do come anyway; we are also going to help you learn the missing English terms. 🙂 You can find our Hungarian workshops HERE>>

Date of our first workshop: 15/10/2018, Monday 17:00-18:30 PM
Workshop location: Budapest. 13th District Pozsonyi street 12. NOHA Studio

Age: 7-14
Maximum number of participants: 20

What to bring to our workshop?

During the workshop, all the participants will use their own Laptop. Besides that, just bring a big sized, checkered booklet for planning your very own map.

Our Workshop Leader:

Zsombor Korchma
Founder & creative mind of BudapestCraft & Creative Science. Father of two. For eight years, he had been a media worker at the Budapest Metropolitan Development Council. Enthusiastic urbanist. His hobby is journalism, also founder and editor-in-chief of the magazin ‘Roham’.

Course fee: 19 900 HUF
Workshup duration: 4 month (16 times)

19 900 Ft